December Webinar

Building a Culture of Excellence

Dec 14
 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET


About The Webinar

With 2023 approaching, it’s invaluable to start your year by leading and surrounding yourself with a high-performance team. The era of “quiet quitting” is upon us and CEOs are being intentional on turning things around.  As the leader of XINNIX — recognized as a Best Place to Work 28 times — Casey Cunningham knows how to drive employee engagement and cultivate a winning culture.

At XINNIX, our mission is to help businesses like yours craft a culture of excellence by understanding and mastering employee engagement that drives infinite possibilities for organizational success.

Join us on December 14th, at 12 PM ET, as XINNIX CEO & Founder Casey Cunningham and the XINNIX team share our experiences and top tips we have gathered from our 20-plus years in the industry during the Building a Culture of Excellence Webinar

In this webinar, Casey will share:

  • The value of employee engagement and why it matters
  • Insight into the five tiers of employee engagement and how to impact them
  • The eight levers that move the needle on employee engagement 
  • The vital steps to build a culture of excellence
  • The top 5 ways to neutralize "quiet quitters"

We cannot wait to discuss how to start your new year off right by cultivating an engaged workforce.



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Casey "Blade" Cunningham
CEO | Founder
XINNIX, The Academy of Excellence

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